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Developer account usernames are commonly either the same as a user's Wikimedia account username or their real name. 150
Your shell username will be used when logging into Toolforge, other Wikimedia VPS or Wikimedia production hosts using SSH. This name is typically shorter than a wiki username. It must start with a-z, and can only contain lowercase a-z, 0-9 and - characters. 32
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It is recommended to use a unique password that you are not using on any other website.
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Creating an account means complying with the Terms of Use for Wikimedia Cloud Services and the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces.

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Creating or using a Wikimedia developer account will publicly expose information to other users of Wikimedia Cloud Services: The email address you associate with your Wikimedia developer account will be publicly visible. When connecting to virtual machines in Wikimedia Cloud VPS using SSH, your IP address will be recorded and may be visible to other users of Cloud VPS or Toolforge.
By creating an account you are agreeing not to collect, store, or share private data or personally identifiable information, such as user names, passwords, or IP addresses from the individuals using my project, except when complying with the conditions listed in the Terms of Use.